The Waldegg Investment Concept

Growth partner for medium-sized companies and foundation partner for climate protection.

Waldegg is an entrepreneur-led investment company founded in 2020 that invests in medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries and supports them as a partner for growth. A portion of the returns from the Waldegg partnership is used to build endowment capital that finances capture and storage and carbon savings.

We are looking for profitable, growing companies with EBIT of EUR 1 to 5 million in the German-speaking region.

Typical investment opportunities are succession situations, phases of strong growth and carve-outs.

We support our portfolio companies in their strategic development and growth with the aim of creating market leaders in attractive niches and increasing the value of the company.

We support companies, entrepreneurs and management teams with know-how and capital in the development of new markets, new customers and new business areas as well as the acquisition of complementary business areas or market competitors.

Our actions are characterized by respect, fairness, responsibility and transparency.

We see ourselves as partners of entrepreneurs, management teams, employees and investors in the further development of companies for a sustainable increase in value.

As a shareholder, we work on the reduction of CO2, efficient use of resources and pay attention to fair employee conditions as well as healthy supplier relationships within our portfolio.

However, due to the administrative effort involved, we are not officially certified according to ESG criteria and explicitly do not include these criteria as a rigid set of rules in our investment decisions.



We build market leaders

via acquisitions and organic growth


Minority & Majority